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Hitachi Hitech Analytical Science Instrument Launches Foundry Master OES

Hitachi Hitech Anytical Science Instruments further strengthens its product offering with FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 (FMP2), a Superior metals analysis without compromise. 
October 2017

Hitachi Hitech Analytical Science Instruments has further enhanced its product offering with the launch of FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2. This unique combination of performance and efficiency makes FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 the analysis instrument of choice for the metals industry. FMP2 recently launched in October 2017. Based on optical emission spectroscopy, is a metals analyser engineered to deliver superior analysis at every stage, without compromising your productivity. Thanks to its near constant availability and high resolution dynamic detector you can get detailed results quicker, minimising production downtime and costly errors. 

Extended features for more demanding applications

Seamless quality control is essential throughout the metals industry, from trace element analysis in scrap metal, to incoming materials inspection, melt process control and goods issue. The FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 optical emission spectrometer is a metals analyser designed with

  • Performance optimized in comparison to the earlier model FMP.
  • Incorporates two new technologies. - New type of detector (CMOS instead of CCD) and Low pressure argon purged optical compartment.
  • New master calibrations.
  • Optimized argon flow management in spark stand 
  • CMOS chip type instead of CCD
  • 4096 pixel per chip (old chip 2048 pixel)
  • Improved pixel resolution (7 pm)
  • Improved quantum efficiency - More stable behavior at LOD – level, follows the statistical rules in terms of precision, less “dark current jumps” observed.
  • Smart algorithm for position calculation


Self-diagnostics and ease of use

The intuitive user interface and numerous features of the FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 make analysis work easy. Just place the sample on the spark stand, start the measurement and read the result. The extremely low detection limits for various applications, particularly carbon and nitrogen analysis in iron and steel, offer superior results in QA/QC and melt process control.

  • Maximum availability, minimum downtime.
  • Excellent long-term stability, precision and accuracy.
  • Increased productivity with higher sample throughput.
  • Low cost of ownership with optimised power and argon consumption.
  • Includes largest metals database on the market for fast and easy grade identification.
  • Method for determination of soluble and insoluble aluminium available.

Horiba Launches new EMIA-Pro C/S Analyser


New cleaning mechanism enables repetitive measurements up to 200 times

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in elemental analysis systems and solutions, just announced the EMIA-Pro, its newest Carbon/Sulfur analyzer.  

The new EMIA-Pro Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer offers Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) measurement capabilities, optimizing its range from 1.6ppm – 6.0% for Carbon, and 2ppm – 1.0% for Sulfur.  It is also equipped with a Unique CO Detector and can be used for a wide variety of Inorganic materials such as steel, cokes, catalyst, non-ferrous alloy like aluminium and lithium-ion battery materials.

This new analyzer, equipped with new cleaning mechanism, also increases cleaning efficiency compared to that of conventional Carbon/Sulfur analyzers. This enables users to repeat their measurements up to 200 times, with less time spent for maintenance and cleaning.

Along with EMIA-Pro’s new cleaning feature, HORIBA has developed a new robust design with fewer components for more reliable use and less service requirements.

EMIA-Pro offers increased measurement efficiency, with measurement, display of results and cleaning now takes about 70 seconds. It is also equipped with a navigation system that recommends the most suitable conditions for samples, troubleshoots errors and alerts users to perform maintenance.


DSC 0002 2

The Auto PQ Analyser (A-PQA) is a product of Sietronics Pty Ltd used to automate the analysis of multiple samples using ANALEXpqL Test Apparatus.

This system allows automatic loading of up to 50 samples for analysis on a PQL instrument, rather than the traditional method of hand loading one sample at a time.

The Auto PQ Analyser is designed and integrated with a comprehensive and user friendly software to operate the system. The software allows results to be viewed on screen and saved to a network.

The basic operation allows a tray of up to 50 samples to be loaded onto the automation facility. All samples or selected samples can be set to run sequentially without having to stand by the machine. The A-PQA automatically picks up each sample at a time in the given order and performs an analysis using the PQL test apparatus. At the end of each test, it will return the sample to the original position in the tray. The software is designed with the capability of selecting a full tray or selected samples for ease of operation. The system can also be easily standardised using the in-built calibration function.

The system is capable of analysing one (1) tray of fifty (50) samples in 30 minutes- allowing approximately 750 samples a day. The A-PQA can be modified to suit different sized sample bottles and lab management software systems.

Download A-PQA Brochure.

Download A-PQA Presentation.


Hitachi Launches new OES

 foundry master pro img

Hitachi Hitech Analytical Science Instruments further strengthens its product offering with FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 (FMP2), a Superior metals analysis without compromise.



Horiba Launches EMIA Pro



New cleaning mechanism enables repetitive measurements up to 200 times


HORIBA Scientific, global leader in elemental analysis systems and solutions, just announced the EMIA-Pro, its newest Carbon/Sulfur analyzer.



DSC 0026 2 2Auto PQ Analyser (A-PQA): An Automated System for Analysis of Multiple Samples Using ANALEXpqL Test Apparatus.





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