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Sietronics was established in 1978 and since then has been serving the X-Ray community in Australia and around the world. With over 60 years of combined experience in the XRD and XRF fields, Sietronics has the expertise to support any XRF or XRD application.

Sietronics also runs a commercial XRD lab processing a large range of sample type, including mining and mineral samples, cements, soils and clays as well as manufactured materials, all using Siroquant software.




john ness

John Ness - Director

John has extensive business experience have been a director of several companies over the years.

John has founded several companies including Mitec and EM Solutions, and was awarded the prestigious Clunies Ross Award by the Academy of Technological Scientists and Engineers in 2010 for excellence in innovation.




Luis Thé Managing Director 

Luis was born in Brazil, and lived in Canada before moving to Australia in the early 1990’s. He has an honours degree in Electrical Engineering from Uni Queensland, and worked in various engineering, sales, project and engineering management and strategic planning roles in Australia and Canada.

He joined Sietronics in 2007 and oversees all day-to-day operations of the company.





Management Team

Don Ouellette - General Manager

A native Canadian, Don has extensive experience in sales and sales management from over 10 years with Olympus in both Canada and Australia.

He started with Sietronics in January 2013 and is working out of our Brisbane office.




Terrence De Silva Siroquant Sales Manager

Terrence was born in Sri Lanka where he received a degree in Engineering before moving to Australia. He has a wide range of experience, from project coordination manager through to engineering, university instructor and sales. 

Terrence began with Sietronics in February 2004 as the service manager back when we serviced large xrd / xrf instruments. His engineering background in the role helped enormously. When the service department closed he moved to sales specialising in Siroquant and oil analysis products.






Tim Black - Lab and Service Manager

Tim completed a Diploma of Environmental Science in 2004 from the Canberra Institute of Technology and has now completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Geology and Earth & Environmental Science with ANU. 

He joined Sietronics in January 2005 as a sales rep but heavily involved in the Sietronics lab using XRD and XRF and now combined with his geology and earth sciences education provides a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to help assist customers in these areas.



Horiba Launches EMIA Pro



New cleaning mechanism enables repetitive measurements up to 200 times


HORIBA Scientific, global leader in elemental analysis systems and solutions, just announced the EMIA-Pro, its newest Carbon/Sulfur analyzer.



DSC 0026 2 2Auto PQ Analyser (A-PQA): An Automated System for Analysis of Multiple Samples Using ANALEXpqL Test Apparatus.





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