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Ovens and Dehydrators

Ovens and Dehydrators


Our large range of laboaratory ovens and dehydrators are to the highest quality standards in the industry.  


We use the best quality materials and manufacturing principles to ensure that our products are amongst the best performing and longest lasting in the industry.  Our team of engineers can design and manufacture custom ovens and dehydrators to almost any specifications, or our customers can choose from our already comprehensive range of designed products.


All of our ovens and dehydrators feature:

  • Digital temperature control
  • Custom air flow design to ensure equal temperature distribution (except economy ovens/dehydrators)
  • High quality stainless steel construction for long life


Dehydrating Ovens or Drying Cabinets

Ranging in size from 25 litres up to 1600 litres, these ovens are ideal for the removal of moisture from powder, soil, paper, timber, plaster, fabric, coal and many other minerals.  Available in sizes ranging from 25 litres up to 1600 litres.


Large Capacity Dehydrating Ovens or Drying Cabinets

Our range of high capacity ovens for users with large volumes materials to dry, these ovens go up to 5000L and can be made with shelves or for trolley access allowying trolleys to be wheeled straight into the oven.


Economy Ovens

Our economy ovens are designed for laboratory and light industrial work.  Available with and without fan forced circulation and with an option for a dehydrating model where moisture removal is required.


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