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FOUNDRY MASTER range imgThe FOUNDRY-MASTER range of stationary optical emission spectrometers for process control and chemical analysis of metals.

Engineered for high analytical flexibility, the stationary spectrometers FOUNDRY-MASTER offer the ideal, cost-effective solution for all metal producing and metal processing industries.

Thanks to the modular system of the FOUNDRY-MASTER range, each stationary analyser is ideally addressing different customers' needs and requirements:

  • FOUNDRY-MASTER Xline - the reliable entry level laboratory spectrometer for the precise detection of all relevant elements in Fe and other matrices.
  • FOUNDRY-MASTER Xpert - covers even elements like Lead, Selenium and Lanthanum

All FOUNDRY-MASTER analysers strive to bring-out the optimum analysis work day after day. The robust, rugged and proven OES quality is common to all FOUNDRY-MASTER spectrometers. Their compact design allows close-up proximity to the production line and thus speeding up analysis time.

The stationary metal analysers FOUNDRY-MASTER range offers:

  • Ease-of-use and simplicity
  • Highest analytical performance
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio





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