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Economy Lab Ovens


Our economy ovens are designed and manufactured in Australia for all non critical laboratory and light industrial functions. This range includes two economy models (gravity and fan forced air circulation), plus one dehydrating model which is ideal for applications where moisture removal is required. These models are very well engineered making them reliable and long lasting. For larger models, please view Thermoline’s ‘Premium’ range.






  • Model selection features Gravity Convection (non fan forced) of 24 Litre capacity and fan forcing of heated air of 66 Litre capacity
  • Stainless steel internal liners (easy clean surface and non corrosive)
  • 50mm fibreglass insulation for energy efficiency
  • Stainless steel sheathed electric heating element
  • Industrial type K thermocouple sensor
  • Digital set point controller featuring error codes in the event of malfunction
  • Ramp to set point built in
  • Simple to use
  • Temperature control range Ambient +5°C to +200°C
  • Removable and Adjustable chrome plated shelving
  • Silicone door Gasket with Stainless Steel insulated access door
  • Monitoring port hole
  • Fresh air inlet and Exhaust air outlet (TED-66F Only)

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