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Designed and manufactured in Australia. The range of Dehydrating Ovens are designed to remove large quantities of moisture from product/samples including soil, paper, timber, plaster, fabric etc. Based on our Premium Laboratory range our Dehydrating ovens are supplied with all the features and requirements you expect, with 3 standard sizes you are sure to find one that meets your budget and requirements. Thermoline also manufactures Large Dehydration ovens designed in conjunction with the Department of Primary Industries for soil testing, should you require something different; please feel free to talk with our engineers about your application.



  • 3 Standard sizes from 150 Litres to 500 litres
  • Stainless steel internal liner for easy and quick cleaning – non corrosive
  • Fully insulated using high grade fibreglass
  • Energy efficient digital control technology
  • Digital display of internal and control temperatures
  • Electronic switching of heating element
  • Sizes available 150 Litres to 500 Litres
  • Long life high speed fan motor(s)
  • Silicone door gasket
  • Removable or adjustable chrome plated shelving
  • Industrial design positive door catch
  • Control temperature range Ambient +5°C to +200°C
  • Custom designed air handling systems provides controlled heated air across each shelf position
  • Industrial type K thermocouple sensor
  • Stainless steel heating element ensures long life
  • Adjustable fresh air inlet and adjustable exhaust air outlet vents
  • Control Accuracy at set point better than ±0.25°C
  • Spatial variation at 100°C ±1°C unloaded vents closed

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