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Horiba EMEA-Pro

Carbon / Sulphur

EMIA-Pro Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer


Enables everyone to become a professional analyst

The EMIA-Pro, Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer is based on HORIBA’s vast knowledge of Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology and our wealth of experience acquired from our EMIA series. 
EMIA-Pro offers improved the cleaning efficiency, enhanced user-friendly software, durability, operability and maintenance to ensure efficient measurements and its shortened measurement cycle time accelerates repetitive measurements up to 200 times, thus improving development and manufacturing speed.


Reduced Maintenance Time

Maintenance time has been reduced by 50%, to 30 minutes with our reduction in the number of components and smart mechanical design.


Flat design around the crucible stand     


                 Furnace (upper side)                              Furnace (lower side)

Increased Measurement Efficiency

One measurement cycle, “start analysis-burn sample-display result-cleaning”, takes just 70 seconds! This allows more than 50 measurements per hour.

Long-term Durability

The unique newly-developed cleaning mechanism (patent pending) clears the dust on the filter, allowing the operator to continue to use the EMIA-Pro without maintenance cleaning for up to 200 measurements*.


             Before measurement                       After 200 measurements

* It depends on sample and measurement condition

Advanced Operation software

A critical focus was to ensure that the EMIA-Pro was “easy-to-use”. In particular, we focused on the layout, operating menus and functions. 
We have included a self-diagnostic monitor checking capability to check the status of the connected device, an alarm function and we have expanded 3 navigations to facilitate daily operation.

* Analysis Navigation 

This function proposes best measurement condition based on our experience and know-how, and sets up the measurement conditions. Explore more

* Troubleshooting Navigation 

Automatic diagnosis system and troubleshooting navigation. Explore more

* Maintenance Navigation 

Periodic preventive maintenance work navigations by photos and movies.Explore more


The customer can extend the system’s functionality at any time, even after installation, depending upon their needs. Upgrades include: 
* Carrier gas purifier for ultra-low concentration carbon measurement 
* Auto-sampler (20 positions)
* Halogen trap unit




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