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TM Engineering Reduction Cone Crusher


The Reduction Cone Crusher grinds 19mm feed to -10 mesh and grinding finenesses can be precisely calibrated by easily rotating the adjusting ring. Custom cones are available in materials to suit specific applications.

It weighs 273kg and comes with a 3 phase 60 cycle 3hp motor as standard. A 1 phase and / or 50 cycle motor is available also and must be specified at time of ordering. It has rugged, fabricated cast steel construction with reinforced joints and internal welds and joints ground and polished. The funnel can be easily removed by simply rotating and lifting up.

There are 3 models available:

Model CC #1 Cone and Mantel Alloy-1 fully hardened to Rockwell 60
Model CC #2 Cone and Mantel Alloy-2 fully hardened to Rockwell 60
Model CCMS Cone and Mantel Mild Steel case hardened 4mm to Rockwell 60


Accessories include

  • Electrical pre-wiring
  • Funnel
  • Drawers - 2 small or 1 large
  • Pressure cleaning equipment
  • Stand

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