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TM Engineering Rhino Jaw Crusher


The Rhino Jaw Crusher is the predecessor to the Terminator Jaw Crusher.

The basic machine weighs 363kgs, 408kgs with all the optional extras and comes in 3 phase/60 cycle, 3HP motor as standard. 1 phase and / or 60 cycle motor available. These options need to be specified at time of ordering.

There are 3 models available:

Model #1 Manual lubrication
Model #1ML Single point lubrication
Model #1AL Automatic lubrication

Jaws are either smooth or serrated and are compatible with Terminator Jaw Crushers. The following are the types of jaws available:

Alloy 1 Chrome/Molybdenum steel hardened to RC60
Alloy 2 Chrome steel hardened to RC60
Carbon Steel Hardened to RC57-RC60 steel (the least alloyed steel = the least contaminating)
Manganese Work hardening steel
Tungsten Carbide Extremely hard: RC69 and up. The hardest, the least wearing, therefore the longest lasting


Accessories include

  • Feeder Hopper in 165mm or 266mm high
  • Electrical prewiring with overload protection
  • Environmental enclosure
  • Extractor tool to facilitate maintenance
  • Drawer, stand and dust collecting hopper

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