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The UDY Cyclone Sample Mill is designed for rapid grinding of a wide variety of soft to medium-hard materials. It is extensively used in milling grains, feeds, forages, leaves and similar materials prior to near-infrared reflectance (NIR) measurement or chemical analysis. Other applications include small to medium volume milling of; pharmaceuticals, detergents, fertilizers, plastics, coal, wood chips and friable materials.

UDY Cyclone Sample Mills use a patented method of grinding. High-speed rotation of the impeller and air currents throw particles into, and rolls them around the grinding ring. Particles remain in the grinding chamber until impact shattering and abrasion make them small enough to flow out the exit with the air current. The airflow removes essentially all material and makes clean out unnecessary. The airflow also minimises heating and therefore eliminates thermal degradation.

The maximum initial particle size depends on the mass and grinding properties of the material. The standard Mill Cover limits the maximum initial particle dimension to 5 mm. Low mass materials such as forages, leaves, and wood chips can be introduced in larger initial sizes by using the optional Forage Cover without preliminary grinding.

The screen covering the air/sample outlet affects the particle size two ways. The screen limits the maximum particle size which can be thrown out by impact with the impeller. Screens with smaller holes also reduce the airflow and, consequently, the size of particles exiting with the airflow. A screen with 1.0 mm openings is generally recommended, but screens with 2.0, 0.8, 0.5, 0.4 and 0.25 mm openings are also available.

The UDY Cyclone Sample Mill is designed for long life. The parts subject to wear are all replaceable. The frequency of replacement depends on the abrasiveness of the material. Guidance for selection of spare parts based on the number and types of samples is available.


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